Friday, 13 November 2009

Erotic Film Festival ... Sexpo 2009

This is one of those "It's been a while since I've posted" posts. Life has been quietly immersed in other duties apart from my own projects or keeping an eye out for what is happening in the world of film. I'm going to Father my third child next year May 5th, so ongoing parental preparations have been mused upon, some activities involving Mensur, and an Online Mag launch that is about to sprout up amongst all the other websites dangling on the world wide web.

What I did want to Blog about however is The Australian Sex Party's Erotic Short Film Festival at Sexpo. Believe it or not, the festival can't show any films above an R-Rating. This is Sexpo we are talking about, not some public event where a bit of ball sack would cause a riot. I passed over several of my short works to the ASP and was forewarned that they may be restricted with what content they could show. If you are refused a classification it means that your work can't have any "public" screening, even if people are well aware and comfortable with what they are about to see. Even if people WANT to see it, they are told they are not allowed to.

This essentially is propaganda inverted where promoted is what we shouldn't see. People walking around saying, "This should be banned, absolutely, and this should be covered up" etc, like a lot of Mary Whitehouse's ticking off their checklists for what the public should and shouldn't be able to see without letting the public make up their mind. Guilty before being trialled, and it is ethically disturbing.

So what has happened since Plato took to the floor and started questioning thought processes, and Freud discovered Gonzo Psychology which opened up the flood gates to years of Victorian perversion and Feminist Theory and Sartre started wondering to what existence was all about.

It's pedagogical and detrimental to our mental well being.

Censorship is obscene.

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