Tuesday, 24 November 2009

MediaWave 2010 final call for entries

New Note: Deadline has been extended to the 7th of December!

Time is drawing near to the final deadline for sending your work to the MediaWave Festival in Hungary. Deadline is December the 1st, so get on over to the MediaWave website and download those entry forms.

You can view all my previous posts on the MediaWave Festival by stopping a while at this link.


123 123 said...

Interesting story as for me. It would be great to read a bit more about this topic.
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Rups said...

Thanks 123 123,

Your Overnight Escort site looks neat, let me know what else you would like to know about the MediaWave Festival and I'll write it up, however click on the link I put in the post to previous write-ups, there is a whole lot of information there as well.

:) Rups

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