Friday, 20 November 2009

Movember 2009

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It is Movember and to support awareness for issues related to Depression I have grown this fine moustache. Depression ends the life of about 2000 people each year in Australia, and 78% of them are men. As a sufferer of Depression myself, the long dark tea-time of the soul is a constant strain on daily life sometimes and empathy towards the condition is a sought after goal for many who wrestle with it on a monthly basis. It is extremely difficult for those who have never experienced depression to know what it feels like and people who suffer from depression can empathise with those people because when you are not in a depression it is extremely difficult to relate back to the one that has just passed.

The stigma that is attached to depression is the birth of this gap in empathy. Many folk who have only at worst ever felt down or blue sometimes react cruelly to those who experience depression thinking it to be an easy transition from one mood to another, well, it isn't. If you can't see or feel where the key is, it is near impossible to get out of the oubliette.

I was thinking today how stigma and attitudes are preened into social norms, and I was thinking also how you can begin altering those social norms to be more humane, and most attitudes and stigma are formed by opinions propagated by media because it has the ability to reach a wide audience and its effects are so stimulating that it inspires some kind of thought, even very base thought. So, by being a MoBro, with a MoSpace, I hope that each year in November, a slight shift in social norms may be felt, all from the rustle of many fibrous moustaches perched beneath those in the nose.

I felt I should include a video along with this post, of two magnificent moustaches who made brilliant tunes. This is their song Rubberbandman.


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