Thursday, 19 November 2009

Roarhouse Xmas Shenanigans

Feel like a break from 16:9? Roarhouse is an Arts based performance orientated event that supports diverse voices and is a non-profit socially inclusive organisation also providing the opportunity for marginalised, disadvantaged and/ or those challenged with mental health issues a place for expression, freedom from stigma, freedom of speech, and many buckets of joyful pleasure.

Quite a few filmmakers, especially more mediocre ones have a tendency to ignore the other Arts. They don't realise that many of the finest examples of cinema have been inspired by other mediums. They become obsessed with the one Artform and it shows in their work, as they fail to realise that the uniqueness of film is that it is transmedia platform, using all the other Artforms in the one process. I always tell my students to go look at paintings, read books, listen to music, not just spend all their time watching movies.

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