Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Hiring Hobbits and other Halflings

The advice I always give those wishing to round up some Extra work is about circumnavigating the Extra Casting Agencies. Production Companies looking to cast Extras and Featured Extras in 'big' movies often can be approached directly, and if you go to many of their websites you'll find a page where you can apply for Extra work directly through them rather then signing up for a Cattle Call Company that charges fees to put you on their books.

Many Casting Agencies scout for major movies in production just so that they can promote themselves as having exclusive deals with that movie, of course they don't, of course every other Cattle Call Company has the same 'exclusive' deal and of course you can ditch them altogether and do a bit of research yourself which should lead you straight to the actual Production House facilitating Extras for the film you wish to be in.

So I received an update from a Casting Call Company that stated they had auditions coming up for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit, and although they said that casting Extras for the film would be through their company, I also knew that with a bit of research I might find the actual production house that would manage Extras for the film.

What the casting company didn't say on their update was that you would need a working Visa arranged so that you could work in New Zealand for the shoot, so I thought I would post a link to the nznolder Blog which has more detailed information on applying for Extra work in Peter Jackon's film The Hobbit.

You can read up on it here.

So rather then pay a yearly subscription, rather then hand over hundreds of dollars for 'professional' Head Shots taken exclusively for a Casting Agency, rather then have a percentage of your wages docked for work that is scarce at the best of times, why not just use the Internet search engines to track down the Production Company managing Extras for a particular film you'd like to be in and apply direct.

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