Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Irpen Film Festival 2010

The Irpen Film Festival is currently seeking entries for their festival in 2010. Deadline is March 31st 2010 which means bucket loads of time to get in your entries. The Online entry form can be found here. The Irpen Film Festival is held in the Ukraine,and its concept as a festival is ...

- Festival as the holiday for all people who like cinematograph, not only for a narrow circle of the professionals.
- Festival which moves apart horizon of representations about cinematograph.
- Festival opening for the amateurs of cinematograph an opportunity of spiritual and intellectual perfection.

Entry to the Irpen Film Festival is free, so put that hammer away and let your money box remain unshattered for another day.

You can download and watch a video on the last Irpen Film Festival (number seven) by clicking on this link. The video seems to be quite lengthy so prepare yourself for a few minutes download time.

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Rups :)

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