Friday, 18 December 2009

John Jameson Productions 2010

My last post was a bit slim but I've been writing up a draft in regards to the Clean Feed filter the Australian Government has implemented - it is quite a serious issue and because Australian have no amendments for Free Speech, we are quite literally stuffed when it comes to over-riding our democratic rights. So more on that later but for now ...

They've been at it for a while, collecting 200 word synopsis for the potential production of short films, offering a $20, 000 budget to boost production. John Jameson Productions is now open for submissions.

The period of acceptance for synopsis submissions is 19th October 2009 - 28th March 2010. During March professional scriptwriters will short list them and then six finalists will go to Sydney to workshop their ideas into scripts - after that the full three minute scripts will be due for submission - beyond that professionals will judge the six scripts and three of them will be then made into films.

All it takes is one good idea. Submission is as easy as filling in an Online form and awaiting the result.

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