Saturday, 19 December 2009

No Clean Feed

I have a patented a filter. It's a filter to protect children from the mind numbing inertia inducing trash that circulates 24/7 on a lobotomy box called television. I'm kidding of course, but censorship is obscene.

In Australia, the Australian Government has introduced into our democracy without the consent of the public a device worth 44 million that intends on 'protecting the children' from the world. If you don't see it, it doesn't exist. If you don't see it then how can you possibly emulate it or fall victim to its lure. Indeed, if you don't see happiness how can you ever experience being happy, if you don't see anger, well by this logic you just don't get angry, if you don't see pain then you will never feel it.

The form of this censorship that the Australian Government has taken on is an Internet Filter which blocks sites from being accessed by the general public. The UK has it. Canada has an optional system in place. Yet the rest of the world seems doomed to experience the harsh realities of the world wide web. This filtering system is not 'directly' government controlled however, it is administrated and operated by a private company.

Once again it's the government taking the moral high ground and making definitive statements on what is obscene and what it is not. What is obscene? We have been discussing this for centuries. We have been making fairly decent progress to defining our own values of obscenity thanks to the Internet.

When looking at Biblical analogies such as Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit plucked from the tree, you will know that the tree was referred to as 'the knowledge tree' - the idea that knowledge is detrimental to the 'happiness' of all, that ignorance is bliss, and it is highly hypocritical that if this is the track of thought being mapped out, then surely the idea that 'money is the root of all evil' should somehow be included in this parable that is being pushed onto the people at this time. The Internet is a knowledge tree, whether you discover on it good things, bad things or ugly things - it allows for humanity to write itself down on a virtual parchment for all to see. This is an extremely positive benefit of having it.

Back to 'protecting the children' however, which is the phrase of choice used in putting this filter into place. We as people need protection from governments like this. Our children need protection from governments like this. They are growing individuals and as individuals will grow into societies of information and interactive control that will in the end banish their freedoms and exile their free will.

I was sitting in the cinema yesterday about to watch Avatar which is a tale that heavily references colonial control over indigenous peoples, and an old add for Quantas (An airline company) was screened before the movie. This advert features a multicultural contingent of children singing 'We are Australian'. At first I immediately thought that they were pushing the 'children' factor to us, but then in after-thought I realised that they had placed the advert there because of the the messages about to be relayed in James Cameron's Avatar. This is what governments and multinational corporations do - they infiltrate any communication that adversely represents what they want to convey. So, I don't really need to tell you what showing a bunch of ethnic children singing 'We are Australian' means in context to Avatar showing a corporation destroying the habitat and people of an 'alien' planet in order to mine a particularly valuable substance for their own greedy end.

There is a lot more I could say on this matter, especially in relation to certain religious alignment our current government has, and some of the policies it is sneaking into the public sphere disguised as social cures for humanity's ills. The point of this post is to highlight the Clean Feed filter and how it will attempt to quash personal freedoms in being able to engage with the rest of the world, the good, the bad the ugly. It is a form of information cleansing, no different from racial cleansing or any other form of cleansing intended to purify the pool.

For further information goto No Clean Feed or pop over to WikiLeaks.

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