Thursday, 7 January 2010


This upcoming Tuesday at Revolver Upstairs (229 Chapel St, Prahran), the premiere of a film that delves into the world of homelessness. A film by Callum Padgham and Tavis Urquhart, in which for seven nights and days he spends his week out on the streets of Melbourne. I particularly liked the masturbating in the alley way to help him get to sleep and also sneaking into the Hotel to use their swimming pool to wash himself. The screening night begins at 8pm with a DJ and then the film starts at 8:30pm. Entry to the film screening is $15.00.

I've lived on the streets several times in my life for short periods, and I remember once hanging around this old homeless gent who used to sneak into the back of an inner city junkie's abode and wash his face in the backyard toilet water. It does really take it out of you and many homeless people unfortunately become ground down even further from having to survive on the streets.

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