Sunday, 24 January 2010

DotFest 2010

DotFest is an Online film festival that works using the audience voting system to acknowledge the winning films. There is no fee for uploading your films, and films can be up to ten minutes in duration. March the first is the deadline for submitting your work and all the nitty gritty can be gleaned by clicking on this here link.

The festival will screen from the first of April until the eighteenth. The categories are Fiction, Animation, Music Video and Experimental Film. There are prizes of 2000 Euros for each category. If your film is selected as a finalist the organisers will contact you via email (Remember email?).

So there isn't really much to it. Those of you still using dial-up might want to upload your videos at a friend's house. Other then that, good luck, and may the dot be with you.

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