Sunday, 3 January 2010

International Low & No Budget Video Film Festival

The official website statement for the International Low & No Budget Video Film Festival is ...

"2010 will be the sixth successful year for the film sharing International Low & No Budget Filmfestival! We find ourselves still standing firm in the face of the economic crisis and reduced funding for cultural activities.

Good humour and comedy is when, despite everything or even because of everything, you are still laughing! This year, once again, we will raise our low & no budget film festival in defiance of capitalism and commerce with open screenings in in Stuttgart, Vienna, Heilbronn and Mainz.

The internet continues to provide a forum and platform for uncensored and unrestricted short films. We want to accompany this through showing submitted films on the big screen to an interested and interactive audience in the offline wolrd. This will create an open space for discussion before, during and after the screenings."

Deadline for entries is April 2010. They also say "There are no restrictions or censorship regarding theme, narrative or issue." You can follow their updates on their Blog. The festival tours Stuttgart, Vienna, and Heilbronn.

Entry form can be download here.

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