Saturday, 16 January 2010


The MUFF XI banner, lovingly pilfered from the MUFF website as a beacon to signal underground filmmakers that a visual coup d'état is in order.

The Melbourne Underground Film Festival has experienced a few controversies in its time and we hope it may still be able to parry against the welkin of orthodoxy that is pervading our country at the moment. Known for cranking open boundaries that give the media rise to attention and certain film buffs something to frown at, MUFF hopefully this year will recognise what other festivals are allowed to do around the world and just bloody well do it anyway, despite the regulatory watch-dogs who are clearly barking up the wrong tree with their censoring madness.

If you are an extravagant extravert radical progressive kinky thinker of a filmmaker not in Australia, I implore you to submit your work to MUFF XI. Don't give the curators of MUFF a choice, make 'em have to choose controversial and subversive works from lack of anything tamer in their Postal Box.

There is an entry fee attached to MUFF, $45.00 Australian Dollars, $35 United States Dollars, and $30.00 Euros. The deadline is May the 15th. Everything you need to know can be found on the Melbourne Underground Film Festival website. Even though there is an entry fee attached to MUFF, it is worthwhile considering the struggle more adventurous film festivals

If Australia is lucky, we might even catch, a sneak screening of The Band here, even though it has had no problem screening in Berlin and Athens. However, I fear it is highly unlikely, very improbable and almost impossible that it would be granted its full classification to be shown uncensored.

Hopefully I'll get either two of my short works ready for MUFF this year. Production is shunting along like a shopping trolly but I wont have it any other way. The ideas at the moment need to be carefully sewn into the fabric of the film, and the technical side is rather tricky, but I'm using my Portuguese time, which is meandering. Of course my films never turn out as spectacular gems but they do the world of good for me, and a few other people who dig them, and that is quite enough.

So get Wombling and submit to MUFF (Melbourne Underground Film Festival) 2010.


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