Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The One Minutes Belgium Open 2010

festival en competitie voor eenminuut films
festival et compétition pour des films d'une minute
festival and competition for one minute films

Last year my short film Errol Flynn's Pianist was lucky enough to be a finalist in this competition. The deadline has been extended until January 19th so if you got your one minute micro movie ready to go, slip it into an envelope and send it off, there is no entry fee. One minute movies take less time then longer duration films to travel by Post, so you should easily make the deadline for submission if you have your film traveling by a day or so.

Entry forms can be downloaded from the website. You can also jump to the website and view the winners from 2009.

The festival takes place in Gent, Belgium.


TheFreeBunny said...

Where's your "Like" thumb....

Rups said...

Hi Free Bunny,

Good idea. I shall make one immediately.


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