Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Craft of War

I've been gradually moving into Game Development, at this stage only at a research level but the transition to thinking only in the traditional film medium to the multiplex narrative structure that is modern gaming has been very interesting. I have friends who are obsessed with World of Warcraft and you can buy Wow accounts and Aion accounts at such guild sites like The Game Supply. You can also sell Aion and World of Warcraft accounts. So it's like a broker for characters.

So if you want to Buy aion accounts pop on over to The Game Supply and get War Crafting. Although I myself don't play War Craft or Aion, although Aion sounds more my cup of tea where you get to explore celestial worlds, I have found it useful to begin studying the processes involved by players who do indulge in these worlds. Indeed I have a few friends, male and female who WOW so to speak. I find it an interesting aspect of populace entertainment.

I find it bizarre that you can shop for a character but then again people in real life go out and buy clothes, colour their hair, purchase bling, grow facial hair, wear perfume and adopt certain personality traits in order to represent who they are.


Sanne Kurz said...

I spend days and mornings and nights on ikariam (best browser game 2009, so it CAN NOT harm children haha!) coz my 9 year old is addicted and started to look up ancient maps of Greek colonies in the phoenician empire...
You see: THIS is where games are leading us :)

Rups said...

Oh, I certainly see the benefits of game playing, I'm not hugely involved in doing it as a leisure activity, I'm still very much immersed in novels but gradually I am exploring classic games I was addicted to as a kid as a way for me to explore and begin the process of entering game development although I am targeting the small screen I think - but have yet to garner the time to really sit down and set up that process.

:) Rups

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