Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Alice and the White Hair

It has been brought to my attention a short film by Wyatt Denny called Alice and the White Hair, it is an interpretation of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. I like it when short films re-interpret literature, it is a cross between Intertextual and MetaMedia form and content. I did the same with my "to be" short BMXXX Bandildos, which will hopefully be able to be cut sometime soon because I'm still trying to locate the footage. BMXXX Bandildos, I based on Alfred Jarry's short story, The Passion as an Uphill Bicycle Race.

I also wouldn't mind interpreting some of Miguel de Cervantes Interludes. Wonderful vignette plays that are ripe for the Digital age.

Alice & The White Hair A Film By Wyatt Denny from David Myrick on Vimeo.


Freiheit xx said...

Well, we'll have to reshoot BMXXX Bandildos.....on a less freezing day perhaps.

Rups said...

Yes, that may have to be the case! Although, an extended mix of the original footage with some good cutaways may also be effective ;)


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