Sunday, 7 March 2010

City One Minutes 2010

Don't forget about the City One Minutes, here is the criteria as stated in their recent press release.

1. all videos have to be of good technical quality;
2. the cities are selected based on diversity and should complement each other;
3. the selection for the portrait should be divers. not only buildings, not only people, not only traffic, but a mix of content;
4. the selection should vary from a small personal story to an overview of a city;
5. each selected city needs at least 10 good videos, evenly spread over day and night;
6. only one video can be selected for each hour of a city.

please keep in mind that not all single entries will be selected and all cultural events including our exhibition is subject to chinese state control. due to this we cannot specify all movies and makers at this moment.

Want to know more about this event? Pop on over to here then!

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