Sunday, 21 March 2010

Milano International Film Festival 2010

Deadline is May 31st 2010 for entries into the Milano International Film Festival. It's a big festival that does charge entry fees for short film submissions, I've written up on the Milano festival before here. That was last year when they had the 'State (T)error' theme. This year they are doing the sixth edition of this 'reality' themed category (out of competition) and you can find the submission guidelines here.

Milan is a huge cultural hub of Italy and well worth sending your film in for a potential screening there. Melbourne, Australia is actually the sister twin city to Milan, although once a thriving cultural hub, Melbourne now is pretty much being tidied up of any enthusiastic cultural hubs or vibrant experimental cultural ventures due to our current conservative climate. Like one giant long horrid summer, it appears that we have little choice but to sweat it out. So if your a filmmaker in Melbourne, be good to your older and much more culturally savvy twin sister, send her off one of your short films.

If you subscribe to the Milano newsletter, they will remind you every year that submissions are due and that may save me doing a yearly write up. No actually, I will continue reminding readers to submit their films to Milano. Rutger Hauer has his 'I've Seen Films' festival held there.

All entry forms can be obtained by tapping your Magic Mouse on this link.

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