Friday, 12 March 2010

Team Red Music Clip Production Diary #1

We've entered the second stage of the three tiered pre-production process for our Music Video, our Talent are almost dressed. I have further costume fittings to take care of today. We are looking at a cast of forty and possibly slightly above. A main crew of four, and some extra assistants helping out on the day. The main problem with music videos is that crew don't get title credits but it is great for cast because they get the chance to have something that is played very frequently because of the music track.

That's why Blogging has slowed down a tad. Scheduling, budgeting, props buying, costume fitting, storyboarding is all zapping any spare time I have for other things. Our last music video 'Remix This' aired on Rage a few weeks back at the 1:30am time-slot, which is pretty good for Rage on a Saturday night because people haven't left the house yet to go out at that time. Always good to get some national airplay, and I felt the clip slotted in well between the other songs.

Some good news on the film I was in, The Band, it has been nominated for the 2010 The Fifth Annual Good For Her Feminist Porn Awards held in Toronto.

The date of the Awards night is April 9th, and will be held in the Berkeley Church (Queen Street East). Pop on over to the website for more details.

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