Monday, 26 April 2010

Aardvark Productions

This is a small bothersome nugatory worth mulling over if you have any sense of aesthetic. Please don't arch up at my following rant as I have completely roped myself into the same damned boat as everyone else who has done what I am about to refer to. It's to do with inventing a name for your home business. When I was a kid and shooting short films in my garage on a Sony Hi-8 with two lenses on the camera, one for shooting Widescreen, I credited all my projects with the name Grubby Basement Productions, as I grew into a teenager I registered a business called Rupert Error Enterprises so that I was able to cover various projects in different industries, then came snuffboxfilms, and next Ménage á Trois.

Frankly there is something irksome to me about wanting to end your business name with "Films" or "Productions" - Productions is worse then Films as it sounds like a community amateur theatre troupe. In reality this literal disclaimer on a business name isn't really necessary. I came to that conclusion after thinking about what I wanted to label my new business venture as. Just like the awful Hair Salon puns ... Hair Here Gone Tomorrow, A Cut Above The Rest, Hair There And Everywhere ... it's just awful. The better businesses don't need to tell you what they do, they just are, have a name and the name is the parent of the projects, it's merely a signature.

So, yes, snuffboxfilms was a pun on Snuff Films, not that official organisations recognise that and run with it, they choose to write it Snuffbox Films, but they are prudish and predictable. I do however like snuffboxes, especially the really ornate ones but there is no need to put "Productions" or "Films" at the end, I put "Productions" at the end of my childhood filmmaking projects because I was about twelve years old, there's no reason for adults to do it, it's just infantile and frankly a little embarrassing. Putting "Films" at the end is the mark of a prat, and frankly, I have been one by using snuffboxfilms for so long and not realising that there is no need for an audience to see this. Your film will not suddenly stop being a film because you've taken "Productions" or "Films" off your business credit.

I don't think anyone really cares about your business or "company", it's what you've made they are interested in. Your business could just as easily be called Cum Shanks and no-one would batter an eyelid. For me the usual sign of an amateur or cheesy business is one that needs to spell out what it is they do. I have been guilty of this and it is time for that to change, hence, snuffboxfilms will always be my Blogging presence in the video sphere but not my business signature. Actually it makes more sense to call your venture, Something or Rather Videos as the word Video is more appropriate to visual arts.

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