Wednesday, 21 April 2010

DepicT! 2010 submissions

Feel like have a crack at 1500 Pounds? Well, DepicT! is currently open for submissions. Films must be 90 seconds in duration. You can goto the Online submissions page here, a ninety second film can easily be uploaded instead of gluing it to a compact disc and wrapping it in bubble wrap for postage.

The DepicT! website will provide you with extra details on the festival and the opportunity to watch previous entries and winners.

This is a ninety second post because I'm currently immersed in creating a suitable Colour Gradient for the Team Red music clip we shot a few weeks back. I've entered post-production by listening to the track daily in order to write some of the editing process in my head. I prefer to work this way then spread everything out on the timeline and jumble pieces together.

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