Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Peter Greenaway on New Media.

This is a fairly old video bite but I think it has a lot of relevance still, especially when you consider many "traditional" media companies and filmmakers who still look to big old Hollywood style conventions for inspiration lack knowledge of Metamedia forms and 3.0 viral distribution.

Some people don't like Greenaway for his "arrogance", I actually rather appreciate it, some of his remarks like "Cinema is dead" (supplied with actual proposed date of death), and "Cinema is not a playground for Sharon Stone", are needed amongst the opinionated others who only see cinema as a way of grooming their egos and filling up the empty hours where if deprived of anything bubblegum to watch, they'd suddenly find themselves with only their minds to entertain them, and god help them if they had to do some actual real thinking.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure it is they that do not do any 'real' thinking? Perhaps it is just you that thinks that anyone who does not like 'trash' must not be a 'thinker'. Bubblegum is better than shit.

Rups said...

Ha-ha, thanks Anon, it's exactly remarks like that which attest to what I am saying. Thanks again for providing such a succinct example. :) Rups

monsterofpoetry said...

I’m sorry, I missed the part where we were discussing “trash”. I specifically read this blog because it typically deals with material, the films of Peter Greenaway being a classic example, which I would challenge anyone to call “trash”. The truth is those of us who are serious about any aspect(s) of cinema besides its most base entertainment value have little respect for what can be generally referred to as “bubblegum”. While much bubblegum may be relevant from a sociological viewpoint, at this particular moment we are in the temple dedicated to Bergman, not Durkheim. I personally would contend that much of what is produced by the major studios IN ANY COUNTRY does not even qualify as cinema by my definition. By mentioning “trash”, Anonymous, you have sunk yourself into a mire of post modernism from which you cannot escape. This blog exists for people like me who have to deal every day with a culture of anti-intellectualism and mindless conformity. There are places online for you too – like the IMDB page for Avatar which should provide you with years of wanking material.

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