Friday, 21 May 2010

Museum Victoria

Well, sometimes opportunities pop up for young folk to have a crack at getting some funding and I like to put the word out there as much as possible because I never have time to go for these things. Museum Victoria are seeking to award $5000.00 to two emerging media artists for a project with the theme Talking Difference. Their Press release goes ...


Museum Victoria is offering a $5,000 award for up to 2 young emerging
new media artists.

They are looking for innovative proposals for digital projects that can
be exhibited online as part of a 3 year project called Talking Difference.

The aim is to inspire conversations between and within cultures about
difference and commonality.

Your project could utilise any form of digital media. It could be a
short film, interactive game, online interactive artwork, digital public
art project, mobile phone application... the possibilities are endless.

So if you have plenty of good ideas stashed away in your drawers, slip off your garter and get them cranked into your favourite Word Processing software.  All the details can be located on the Victoria Museum website. You'll need to check the Deadline and the Age restriction.

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