Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Final Call: One Minute Film and Video Festival Aarau


Last minute final call for entries for the One Minute Film and Video Festival, Aarau in Switzerland. This is one of my favourite festivals ... I have posted a lot about it previously ... it is my Birthday today so posting this final call-out feels like a good addition to my Blogging day. There are fourteen days left to submit your film, that's 20160 minutes left to get your film uploaded using the Online submission form.

The categories are Fiction/Documentary, Art/Experimental, Animation, U20/Youth, and best Argovian film. Each awarded film receives prize money of 500 Swiss Francs. That's 173283 Armenian Drams, 3513 Guatemalan Quetzals, 605384 Mongolian Tugriks, 355 Euros, 439 American Dollars, and 501 Australian Dollars.

My cousin was the Portuguese Ambassador in Zurich, not sure if she still is but my trip to Switzerland many years ago was one of my all time favourite places, my memories of that brief but delightful stop-over is one of my favourites.

My Blogging has become somewhat sluggish of late due to massive amounts of work currently at hand and a lot of household duties with the new arrival. I will not be cleaning up the interface of snuffboxfilms indeed I feel I want to make it more jam packed with crowded untidy trimmings. I've been engrossed lately in the post-production on the Team Red music video which is coming along beffitingly, I am also entering the first phase of post-production on my short film Wisecracks using Dragon Stop Motion and am almost ready to fully launch into pre-production for the following short The Ruppets.

Combine this with teaching, writing and parenting and the plate becomes a four course meal leaving minimal time for other activities that I like to indulge in like Blogging, Calligraphy and Heraldry. Oh well, such is the pendulum of time.

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