Thursday, 6 May 2010

TUFF 2010

From the curators of TUFF ... the submission details ...

Making a great one-minute film, that’s TUFF!

The Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF) is a 10-day (September 10-19, 2010) public film festival that reaches over 1.3 million daily subway commuters. TUFF is looking for the best one-minute silent films from around the world. Over $10,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded to the winning films. Artist fees of $100 will be paid to every film that’s selected by our jury to screen on the TTC and on the TUFF website.

Films are selected by a guest jury, with the top films chosen by a Guest Judge; this year it's Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Deepha Metha (Water, Midnight's Children). The TUFF 2010 Jury includes Min Sook Lee, Jorge Lozano, Kathleen Mullen, Sarah Robayo Sheridan, Haema Sivanesan, and Michael Zryd.

Filmmakers, animators and video artists are invited to consider our urban-themed categories:

* Urban Encounters and Other Stories
* Our Environment and Urban Growth
* The Medium is the Message
* Urban Ideas and Politics
* Urban Journeys
* The City is a Poem
* After Night Falls

Submit your film by May 31st and avoid the $10 entry fee. Fees rise to $15 on July 1st.

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