Thursday, 3 June 2010

Irpen Film Festival competitive program 2010

Here are the details to the Irpen Film Festival's competitive program ... All details can be gleaned from the site.


"Provincial" (Igor Osmolovski, Belarus, 2009)
"Solitude" (Mehrdad Sheikhan, Iran, 2008)
"The Cup of Life" (Enara Goikoetxea, Spain, 2009)
"One step" (Fariz Ahmedov & Nargiz Bagirzade, Azerbaijan, 2009)
"Gray Red" (Mohamad Ebrahim Shahbazi, Iran, 2009)
"Loneliness" (Artak Paytyan, Armenia, 2009)
"There’s Bliss in the Kiss" (Melanie Beisswenger,
Germany-Singapore, 2009)
"Love Child" (Daniel Wirtberg, Sweden, 2009)


"The Boots" (Sergey Velikoredchanin, Russia, 2008)
"Hexaemeron" (Marcin Dabrowski, Poland, 2010)
"Fragile" (Andrea Lodovichetti, Italy, 2005)
"A Moving Business" (Falk Schuster, Germany, 2009)
"Raytrospective" (Gregory Butlitsky, Russia, 2010)
"360?" (Maja Djokic, Spain, 2009)
"Black" (Neslihan Siligur, Turkey, 2009)
"Dream Man" (Alessandro Capitani & Alberto Mascia, Italy, 2009)


"Friendship" (Martynenko AV, Ukraine, 2009)
"Sunrise" (Tanya and Roma Naddaka, Ukraine, 2010)
"To sell Caravaggio" (Maksym Firsenko, Ukraine, 2009)
"Autosuggestion" (Vasilis Siafakas, Greece, 2008)
"Shipwrecked" (Juan Manuel Monesterio, Jose M. Cuesta, Carlos Belda,
Spain, 2009)
"Mountains, Elvis, Clouds" (Igor Novikov, Russia, 2008)
"Sad Colors" (Stanislav Leschenko, Ukraine, 2009)
"Chronicles of the Wolfperiod" (Vladimir Zarypov, Ukraine, 2010)


"The Harlequin" (Maurice Micallef, Malta, 2008)
"Just for today" (Jan-Eje Ferling, Sweden, 2009)
"The world that shines..." (Sattar Chamani Gol, Iran, 2009)
"ROFL" (Dave Lojek, Germany, 2008)
"Uncomfortable" (David Salas, United Kingdom, 2009)
"Kit & Suka" (Dave Lojek, Germany, 2009)
"Before War" (Jared Katsiane, USA, 2010)
"Untitled time travel film" (Paul Fuller, United Kingdom, 2010)

If you are interested in reading my previous posts on IFF then you can access them here. If your film was selected, a big congratulations to you and hope the screening bodes all filmmakers well in pleasing or repelling the audience.

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