Thursday, 29 July 2010

One Minute International Film and Video Festival 2010

The One Minute International Film & Video Festival in Aarau Switzerland will be launching off 19-22 August. Hopefully we'll see a lot of festival goers lining up to catch the splendid sixty second efforts by our global filmmaking community. You can download the catalogue here.

If you've never attempted a one minute movie I would highly recommend you give it a go. Being restricted to sixty seconds in order to produce a work that fulfils all the narrative criteria of a longer piece is a great challenge as a filmmaker, and one I particularly love, which actually changed the way I approach short films these days. Fact is, you can spend just as much effort on a work this size but there is something you don't get from more convoluted works - that may be precision and perhaps also something more delicately contained within its temporal and spatial parameters.

I have some good news regarding the spoken word clip I recently produced in collaboration with the pop synth act Koshowko, which I will post here shortly when the program goes live on the festival site.

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