Monday, 5 July 2010

Update July 2010

I have been casually clicking through the festival links on my Blog and I am stunned at how many film festivals have ceased operation. I suppose this is not altogether too surprising since I have been busy still in post/production on quite a few projects and have not felt the absolute need to refresh my mind of whats still going strong in the screening circuit. So if you are perusing the archives forgive any dead-end links. This is an unfortunate side effect of an ever fluctuating cultural environment.

But if you've missed a few film festival entry deadlines, or your favourite fest has festooned on the fair-thee-well above the mantle of movie dearest and departed. Why not submit a film to Brighton's Final Cut screenings at the Komedia Theatre. They seem constantly interested in people who would like to VeeJay their night, so if you are close by or willing to travel, flick them over an email.

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