Saturday, 28 August 2010

Dremoaner by Team Red

Well, it's finally finished, the first video installation work by SmutOrgan for art-analogue act TeamRed. SmutOrgan is the name upon which I am renovating my approach to cinema, this clip was shot with three cameras, with a cast of thirty, and a one day shoot. We bumped in at 8am and wrapped at 8pm. The rest of the footage unused for this clip will be used by the band to live VeeJay some of their performance gigs.

The look of the clip is reminiscent of the painting Raft of the Medusa by Gericault. So if you know that particular work you'll get the drift, so to speak, of the underpinning thematics I applied to the clip. The theme was one of being 'shipwrecked', the gradient as if looking through a decanter and the rhythm spatially of the frame like bobbing about at sea.

We dubbed the talent, Castaways, and the storyline quite obviously is the disposing of a body in a murky wet grave peppered by flash forwards of intent. The storyline ends with pseudo Thriller Noir by the docklands kind of sign off, which is why the clip finishes with the colour blending into a colourless closure.

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