Monday, 30 August 2010

Irpen Film Festival Awards by Spectators

8th Irpen Film Festival awards by Spectators:

1 place - "Love Child" (Daniel Wirtberg, Sweden)
2 place - "One step" (Fariz Ahmedov & Nargiz Bagirzade, Azerbaijan)

1 place - "Dream Man" (Alessandro Capitani & Alberto Mascia, Italy)
2 place - "The Boots" (Sergey Velikoredchanin, Russia)

1 place - "Chronicles of the Wolfperiod" (Vladimir Zarypov, Ukraine)
2 place - "Sad Colors" (Stanislav Leschenko, Ukraine)

1 place - "Just for today" (Jan-Eje Ferling, Sweden)
2 place - "Uncomfortable" (David Salas, United Kingdom)

Congrats to all those filmmakers chosen to receive a little something extra on top of the opportunity to have their work screened.

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