Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Remix This screening at the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival

The spoken word video clip I produced/wrote in collaboration with the pop synth act Koshowko is screening this Friday & Sunday at the 5th ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival in Berlin. Details of the sessions screening the clip are ...

Dance Rhymes
Friday 15.10.2010
8.15 pm Kino 2
Repeat Sun. 17.10. 2:45 pm Kino 3
Kulturbrauerei, Berlin.

We are very honoured to have our film selected for screening out of about a thousand entrants. Our clip has had some good exposure including Rage on the ABC, the Brunswick Film Sessions 'closing night party' in Melbourne, the Yach Film Festival in Poland, and now ZEBRA in Berlin.

If you are reading this Blog from Berlin, please pop along and support our clip and the festival. I wish I could attend but having recently just been to Auckland and Tokyo, I've drained my resources for overseas travels, although my Wife is part German, it would have been a good opportunity to catch up with her family there.

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