Monday, 25 October 2010

SPAA Fringe 2010

Last Saturday I was fortunate enough to be invited to deliver a Clinic session at the SPAA Fringe in Sydney. Alongside prominent decision makers from ABC Television, BBC Australia Worldwide, Foxtel, National Geographic Channel and others, I set about to introduce innovative distribution as far as emerging technologies were concerned. Particularly with Locative Media (an area of ongoing participation for me).

There are many approaches one can take towards creating a distribution plan, it all depends on your project, but there are also avenues and adventurous pathways emerging. Some of the more radical considerations I covered towards the end of my talk were Object Recognition and Colour Recognition in Poster Design. Although these things are not necessary of immediate concern for media makers, it opens up the possibilities for participating effectively in the virtual world as far as media content and key art are concerned.

I am about to Upload my presentation to Slideshare, and will post the link here when I do so.

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