Tuesday, 9 November 2010


We've been gradually slumming our Music Video around, 'Remix This'. Lately the track has appeared on Triple j Unearthed, debuting at number 15 out of the 25 on the Triple j Unearthed Electronic Chart, however our track is sliding down the charts ... the wrong way! So I am requesting the dear readers of the snuffboxfilms to register with Triple j Unearthed and give us a heartily positive Rating and Review. You can find Koshowko's page here with the tarck. You must be registered first before the track will play, but with your kindly assistance, our track may even get some radio play of Triple j, we hope!

The second request I would like to put out there, also not media and video related, is Movember donations, of which I am currently seeking for Movember. Those of you who don't know what Movember is, it is an organisation that encourages men to grow moustaches and encourage donations to help with men's health issues, particularly Prostrate Cancer and Depression related illnesses. So if you feel inclined on tossing a few PayPal coins into the well of well being, please visit my page here. I am not sure how I will style my Mo but am thinking of a Cary Grant groomed moustache. There are MoSisters and MoBrothers, and so men and women can both participate in this cause.

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