Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Wiki Leaks

I haven't seen The Social Network yet, I don't think I will. When it came out I made the remark that it would have been far more interesting to have made a film about Julian Assange, and now with the whole Cablegate (If I gave you the link, I'd risk prosecution from the U.S. ;) Wikileaks, the script is writing itself. Yet, how bland was it to see that a film about a rich Harvard lad born to a psychiatrist and a dentist, made good with an Internet site that inducts folk into the fraternity/sorority schema - gets glorified in a conveniently neat tale about radical enterprise put out by undergraduates in college socialite society?

The 'Log Line' to the Assange movie would of course be, "How can you get to 250, 000 documents without making some enemies". I personally think that Julian is a whipping boy at the moment and every spin doctor government employee is going to have a crack at him. And as H.G. Well's wrote in The History of Mr Polly, “Figures are the most shocking things in the world. The prettiest little squiggles of black, looked at in the right light; and yet consider the blow they can give you upon the heart.” Reader Supported News is running a petition for support of Assange, if you swing that way, you can find the link here. Otherwise, the Bloggers, Journalists, and Joe Public are scripting away this potential movie, and if Time/Warner makes him 'Person of the Year', we know which studio will produce it.

Below is the link to The Social Network trailer. If you haven't already seen it, why not just watch the trailer again Online, that's what viral vid is all about!

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