Monday, 31 January 2011

ESF 2011

I was invited to participate as a Jury member for the Extra Short Film festival 2011 (Moscow). The full Jury list being:

Svetoslav Vladimirov (Sofia), filmmaker
Anna Kolosova (Sankt-Petersburg), video artist
Ivan Lebedev (Moscow), editing director
Rupert Owen (Melbourne) filmmaker
Barbara Christin (Siegen / Germany) artist
Konstantin Skotnikov (Novosibirsk), artist
Sergey Salnikov (Moscow), film producer
Anna Fenchenko (Moscow), film director

The decisions have been made but you'll have to wait until ESF 2011 post the results. There were a splendid array of one minute videos & animations. Such a challenging process to determine a rating for each project, however it consoled me that there were other Jury members who would add to the stockpile of results and give the whole panel system a fair validity.

Keep an eye on the ESF website for further details and visit their YouTube Channel for previous winners.


Tommy Gunz said...

Have you heard anything about the Tromadance festival? I saw the Human Centipede premier there last year and was treated to some awesome shorts. They still don't have any lineup on their website, but it does say that it will be Apr 22 and 23, and that entry is free for filmmakers. Can we see any ESF shorts in the Tromadance? Check for more info on that if you're interested.

Rups said...

Hi Tommy, thanks for pointing this out to me. I'll Blog it today. I'll pass your message onto Dmitry from ESF.


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