Saturday, 1 January 2011

Irpen Film Festival 2011

Entries are open for the 2011 Irpen Film Festival in the Ukraine. Deadline for entries is March 31st 2011, and April 11th is the post-marked deadline. Feel free to browse their film library here. An important component to the festival is "absence in a context of films of propagation of violence, racism, chauvinism, pornography, sexual and other distortions, political propaganda". So if you feel your film or video art avoids those afore mentioned themes, then send away, as there is no entry fee.

They accept documentary, animation, experimental, and fictional works. These are the categories of the festival.

Aside from IFFF, I take heart that everyone had a decent Christmas and a worthwhile entry into 2011. Of late my posting has slowed down due to a massive virtual tidy up which has seen me strategically rearranging my Online presence. I am launching my new media organisation in Feb by giving a talk at a huge international conference on Erotic Screen and Sound. So all my energies have been whipped into preparation for that. Plus keeping up with my three kids however this year I have reduced my teaching hours to allow for more production time, five days a week of teaching students really runs a person ragged, and this will be the start of my fifth year of doing it, so I think the time has come to be a bit more industry focussed again.

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