Friday, 21 January 2011

Movie Trailer Trash

Kids playing construction workers in a sandpit, is what it is. That's how I liken the beginning to modern Hollywood Movie Trailers. As soon as they begin with either a rumbling booming sound, an orchestral sweep, the tinkering of a piano, a rapidity of violins or that irritating asking of questions ... I switch off, I pull the plug on it. It's the same nonsense that I see when I look at amateur film production stills and everyone in the crew are wearing caps (Only the Director sometimes chooses to have their cap backwards). The same way that the Clowns we love to hate have curly wigs, red noses, and big floppy shoes.

There are trailers to films that I really love, made I assume, by folk who treat a trailer as much as an art-form as the film itself. Like with the blurbs on the back of books, I just want a summary of the story so I can surmise if it contains subject material and concepts I want to read. I don't want to know that Johnny Pen from the New York Times thought it "Pure dazzling fun" because I don't know Johnny Pen, his idea of fun might be a good night in on the laxative pills, I don't want questions posed to me "Have you ever wondered what it meant to be alone in a crowd?", I'll formulate my own questions thank-you, I don't want someone else interpreting what the premise behind the work is, "A quest into the deeper fragments of the wobbling portions that dissipate between love and triumph", all I want is a summary of the book told with brevity. Sure a line or two spelling out the concepts behind the novel doesn't hurt but as with blurbs on books and movie trailers, it can be a saturation of bullet points.

For me, a worthwhile movie trailer outlines the story as best can be from significant narrative moments in the film, using poignant scenes or meaningful dialogue to paste together a taste of the full feature. Not this posturing pantomime of pitch that pumps at you like the inflated car salesman technique often employed by spruikers at the doorways of Strip Clubs.

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