Monday, 21 February 2011

MUFF Mystery Screenings and Other Things

MUFF is running mystery screenings to assist raise money for the controversial punitive action on Richard Wolstencroft's showing of Bruce LaBruce's La Zombie. You can purchase tickets to the mystery screenings at GreenTix. The mystery screenings will be events focussing on 'free speech', an idea that is espoused in theory, rarely upheld in practice. The details of the controversy that followed Richard's screening can be followed up on IdeaFix which is linked a few sentences back.

In honor of 'free speech' I asked Richard to speak at where I teach in order to encourage younger media artists the opportunity to get inspired rather then feel they need to be channeled by the self appointed guardians of a vague dogma concerning moral community standards. A reminder when approaching the art of making media in the über intertwingled world.

Speaking of free speech ...

I meanwhile have just returned from the Erotic Screen and Sound: Media, Culture and Desire Academic Conference at Griffith University in Queensland, where I gave a talk on user generated Amateur Online content reframed within the principles of Open Video. You can watch a mini-documentary as put together by Ms Naughty.

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