Tuesday, 24 May 2011

15th International Short Film Festival Winterthur 2011

Calling for entries now ... 15th International Short Film Festival Winterthur 2011. Deadline is July 31st. Entry is free, so send your DVD as soon as humanly possible (Or Upload via ReelPort up until the 30th of June).

The prizes below are what is on offer if you make the grade.

Main prize worth CHF 12’000 (ca. Euro 9’600) for the best film in the international competition.Promotion Award CHF 10’000 (ca. Euro 8’000) for the best achievement in directing.Swiss Award CHF 8’000 (ca. Euro 6’400) for the best Swiss short film.The Audience Award CHF 8’000 (ca. Euro 6’400) is selected by the audience.
The Swiss Cinematography Award is awarded to the best camera work in a swiss film and consists of in-kind products and services worth CHF 8’000 (ca. Euro 6’400)

Please take some time to peruse the Conditions of Participation, and when you've done that, goto the Online Registration Form to fill out your details.

This festival is Switzerland's largest short film festival, films are screened in the Casino Theatre.

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