Tuesday, 10 May 2011

One Minute Film & Video Festival Aarau 2011

May the 31st is the absolute deadline for submitting your 60 second cinema to the One Minute Film & Video Festival in Aarau Switzerland. I have a fondness for this festival, they screened my short 60 Second Relief, back in 2006, when it was subsequently banned in Melbourne the following year when MUFF attempted to screen it. The same year they also included in the program my John Lennon film, and in 2009 they screened Errol Flynn's Pianist. The year they began full colour programs, my film was shot in black & white, and so the thumbnail grab didn't take full advantage of their bright and colourful layout. 

I hope when I've completed my next Movarium (End of this year, body crossed), they'll screen that too.

There are two spots you'll want to visit when submitting your film. One is the Online entry form, which can be found here, and the other is the Upload page, which can be traced here

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