Friday, 29 July 2011

Disney World by M.Woods

Disney World is a narratively well crafted representation of the collapse of meanings in mainstream representation. The narrative begins proper with a seemingly endless pouring of Morton Salts into a bag. Morton Salts are used as water softeners and so precedes what follows is mainstream media tumbling and tangling itself as if being put through a washing machine, and what we see of it is the classic Hollywood soft focus. The media is interrupted by the presence of the Freudian characters of the ego and super id.

What I enjoyed about Disney World is the continuity of meanings throughout the whole film, it isn't an experience of images to associate, M.Woods has gone to the trouble to disassociate meaning and put it back in - through the wash so to speak - you can watch the entire film on Vimeo below.

Disney World from M. Woods on Vimeo.

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