Monday, 25 July 2011

Panoptic New Media

Submission deadline is soon approaching (1st August) for the Panoptic New Media category of the Camden International Film Festival. What is new media? It's a confusing term because often blending alternative technologies both new and old, to create experimental media is really the transformative process that underpins 'new media'. CIFF are seeking entries that put an innovative spin on documentary. You can touch base with the entry page here


M. Woods said...

dear Snuffbox
My name is M. Woods and I represent the NYC Underground Avant-Garde group - The Disassociative Collective.
Wanted to share my Film/Video Disney World with you. Please tweet or share if you like.


P.S. We are in post-production on two avant-garde features, several shorts, music videos, and a web series - all set to launch very soon. Please keep in touch.

M. Woods
Co-Founder of The Disassociative Collective!/Disamedia

To See Films - VIMEO

Disassociative Productions Facebook

Rups said...

Thanks M.Woods. Am previewing it now :)

Feed me, Seymour!

I like to watch



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