Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Extra Short Film Festival 2012

If you have been plotting a one minute Movarium (Movie), submissions are open for the Extra Short Film Festival in Moscow. Deadline is 1st December 2011, for the ESFF 2012. Conditions of entry can be located by clicking on this here link. What more can I say about this festival? Apart from having had my own work screened as part of it and been on the jury last year, my impression is that it is a festival that proactively assists in providing a platform for diminutive durations. Supporting filmmakers working in the sixty second range to define the artform as complete cinema.

My Movarium link at the beginning of this post should assist filmmakers aiming to create a one minute movie, the paramaters of which prove a challenging task. I've found writing 60, 000 millisecond cinema a process that can take longer than writing an average length short film. It's a bit like working with a model object, the tiny pieces involved take some precision consideration. Regardless of what the critics think of the finished work, putting it all together is indeed a veritable expedition of videography. I guess a good analogy is having a pile of items intended for a very compact suitcase.

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