Friday, 5 August 2011

Making it

I took a moment the other day to peruse some videos offering advice to filmmakers from producers, and was duly unimpressed by all the flogging of clichés that this forum often espouses. The most erroneous of which, might I point out, is the phrase "making it". Advice to starting out filmmakers on "making it" you might think was to do with the making of their work, well according to this pack of Gruffalo, "making it" is a term associated with getting lots and lots of money. Financial crisis anybody?

So, I'd like to pitch in that a sustainable body of work and a dash of integrity (Whatever your definition of integrity might be) depends on whether or not you've gotten these two phrases mixed up. Making it, in the sense of creating art/entertainment so that you can be seen in a Porsche is not beneficial advice for art practice nor for media that has an ongoing delivery into our archive of human endeavour. Making it, in regards to what you are making, however, is productive.

Dazzling novice creatives with carrots of capital gain is pitching cheap and shallow incentives towards the development of media. One comment by a producer was "write a good script and the Limos start coming" or something to that effect. If your main goal is to write a script just to ride a Limo, then write your script, hire a Limo and have done with it. No dedicated creative produces and cultivates ideas just to calculate their earnings to people at A-list parties. No creative brings life to their favourite art form for the purpose of being seen to be "successful".

Directing/Producing is not about being a Director/Producer, it is about creating content that should exist for the stimulation of our human psyche, it is about composing and creating, not about riding in Limos or wearing designer jeans. So many amateurs have this attitude, and you can see it in the way they present themselves. They act as if they are on the starting line, ready to go, into a world of luxury. They pose in their mirror shades, baseball caps, and arrogance. "This film is gonna be a winner" they say, or "We're gonna make it with this one", what they are saying has not relation to the point of their project, get out of the art of creativity then and get a job selling real-estate.

The reason it bugs me so much, is because you can't talk to these people about the worth of the project in value of creative terms, it all comes down to how much "exposure" or "deals" the project will materialize and that's just a hack attitude to creativity.

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