Monday, 15 August 2011

Visible Verse 2011

Visible Verse is a poetry in film festival in Toronto. September 1st is the deadline. Here are the points of request from the webpage.

•VVF seeks videopoems, with a 15 minutes maximum duration. 
•Either official language of Canada is acceptable, though if the video is in French, an English-dubbed or-subtitled version is required. Videos may originate in any part of the world. 
•Works will be judged by their innovation, cohesion and literary merit. The ideal videopoem is a wedding of word and image, the voice seen as well as heard. 
•Please, do not send documentaries as they are outside the featured genre. 
•Videopoem producers should provide a brief bio, full name, and contact information in a cover letter. There is no official application form nor entry fee.

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