Sunday, 4 September 2011

How long is now?

Back in January I posted on a project which will feature at an art gallery in Munich called 'How long is now?'. It's a video installation work that will feature a collage/montage of 3 second videos all looping in a surround visual space. The project will be installed and displayed in November, back in January when I posted about it, there were three or four clips uploaded (Including my own), now there are sixty. So I thought I'd write up a reminder post for those who would like to contribute to the project. Three seconds worth of your life. You can upload here. Below is a sketch of the proposed projection space.

Sketch from the How Long is Now? project outline.
The project is curated and devised by Noemi Scheider. The deadline for uploading three seconds of self related cinema is October the 1st.

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