Sunday, 16 October 2011

Eat the Rich: Blog Action Day 2011

 It's amazing that as an absolute essential in life, food is still something anchored to wealth.
It's Blog Action Day today with the hashtag #BAD11 - and the theme for this year's Blog Action Day is FOOD. I'd like to devote this post to growing your own vegetables, and encouraging as many people as possible to introduce some sort of sustainability into their gardens, balconies, spare rooms, or vacant lots. It's not hard to do, I'd been an avid gardener since I was a youngster, and growing a variety of seasonable crops is, I think, a best practice for well being. In the community and also at large globally.

Every available space in my garden has some kind of edible greenery growing out of it. I recently upturned a wall of Besa Blocks, and planted herbs in the holes. Even inside you can grow 'dwarf fruit trees' as Terrariums or in pots. The expression "There's not much food in the house", is an awful declaration. Not in the sense of just not having done a shop, but in regards to being unable to have a stocked larder when the finances run dry for a few days or even a week or two.

Food should be there when you want it and need it. No one is going to over eat on Broad Beans or Kale, there is no reason why basic comestibles shouldn't be free. No one is going to hoard sacks of potatoes or pumpkins. Food should be freely available and accessible for those who require something to eat. When hungry, even a couple of tomatoes to munch on appeases the hunger. Yet, the cost involved and the culture that has been instilled relating to food is something attributed to trade or monetary exchange.

Sustainable growing of fruit and vegetables practiced by the greater part of the population would assist in erasing this monetary attribute. It would mean that companies and businesses trading in raw produce would have to re-think their distribution methods. There is no reason why those who want to pay for produce can't do it and those who can't do it get it for free. Do we really need to barter over a potato?

I am proud to take part in Blog Action Day Oct 16, 2011

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