Sunday, 6 November 2011

Current project work

Things have been a bit quiet here on the old snuffboxfilm's blog (Now over four years old), I've been concentrating on preparing for another music video shoot. Getting costumes sorted, lighting designs drafted, location dilemmas tackled. I guess it is coming together, we've got a few weeks to go before a two day shoot. The theme of the clip is apocalyptic android vampire resurrection. I've been designing a shot list that puts together like a jigsaw puzzle, and the whole clip is talent movement and framing. We've got a solid backstory which helps in choreographing the performers. Unfortunately at the last minute, the location was pulled, luckily we hadn't done a recce yet, so less time was wasted planning set-ups, and now we've just got to secure one of our alternatives. I'm still fussed on location, even though we'll be using shadows heavily, with lighting that will mask anything obviously identifying.

I stepped back with the theme, originally I had written up a story based Concept Treatment which the musician wasn't entirely satisfied with. I assume this might be because of his Producer, who resides in LA, and what I had written into it at times was distinctly Australian I guess, which means that internationally the clip might not work so well with the American market, unless it was totally cliched Australian, and then the contents would be recognised for its characterisation of a country. So, the idea was scrapped and revised, that means the musician pitched to me his concept, and through several production meetings a fresh narrative was reached.

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