Sunday, 27 November 2011

Rise 2012

A screen grab from the music video footage we recently shot for the song Rise.

I've been tremendously busy lately, so I've taken some time off even thinking about the snuffboxfilms blog. Partly this is to do with some major shifts in my being, but also because I've just resurfaced from pre-production and production of a music video for a song track called Rise, by an artist called dahbom.

It was a fairly hiccup free shoot thanks to the amount of pre-production meetings we undertook in order to nut out contingencies. The location we got had too much light, and not any practical means to black it out, unless one of us was willing to risk our life with about fifty skylights placed at a dizzying height. So I decided to go the other way and throw more light into the space, make it industrially clinical. Thankfully, it was a typical overcast rainy Melbourne day, so we avoided harsh shards of sunlight beaming in.

We had three extra performers lined up, but one dropped out last minute, which ended up being alright because we gained a half hour early wrap. Our choreographer orchestrated some splendid movement for the talent, and at the end of the day, what we were most concerned about was how watchable the performers looked and moved. Our make-up artists were great too.

I was d.o.p and gaffer, but left most of the direction to dahbom and the choreographer, otherwise I would have been juggling too much, and I had a fairly strict storyboard regime to follow without adding interpretative pressure to the creative technical side. I treated the camera and lighting tasks as would a still photographer, since I had to set up the lights, then frame and check that through the lens, adjust lights and return to capture some footage.

All up, once our editor has had a good poke at it. It will be fine music clip, I am confident of that. Working with musical artists is always interesting. The lyrics and musical structure is always on the forefront of their ideas, and working technical requirements, continuity, and cinematic structure around that is a worthy challenge. 

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