Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Hal Hartley returns, with Meanwhile ... I am very pleased about this. Hal is a brilliant dialoguist, in the sense that the characters know but then can´t know what is going to happen because their visual language is always disrupted. I like Hal´s work, he holds his own as far as I am concerned and many theorists have a tendency to over-look or just ignore his temporal skill at narrative, which to me achieve the same function as a musician like Thelonious Monk in piano rhythm achieves. Hal even evades ´better moral judgement´as in some cases like Henry Fool.

The point is, that Hal presents the kind of prose in film perhaps misunderstood by those who only see cinema as suture. The coming together in a seamless way, imagery, sound, dialogue, and text. Is it? Is it though? The transition between thought and fantasy isn´t, so why are we always seeking the same ´truth´from so many lies.


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