Thursday, 5 April 2012

Alice's crowdFunding Vid

Well, time has been pretty busy on the whole, and there has not been so much I've been able to Blog about let alone reflect on. This CrowdFunding video has been the latest project, not a personal one of mine, but a nice gesture for someone who has opened up a restaurant in Mouraria.

I introduced a bunch of folk to CrowdFunding and now all are abuzz with wanting to get campaigns up and running. I recall back in 2010 mentioning CrowdFunding to a small group of Producers during the SPAA Fringe, and it didn't go down well, now it's top-of-the-list for things to be doing. It takes a while for innovative approaches to catch on.

My experience in actually shooting a video was interesting. It was interesting to be putting together a 'pitch', especially for something not 'creative'. The editing was done during a very stressful four week intensive course I was doing so my time devoted to it was not ideal, many review drafts were emailed along the way, as my job was simply that of the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker - not the creator.

The problem with this project will purely be the amount of funds that will be requested, as most projects on the Massivemov site are pitching for reasonably small amounts compared to other projects on other CrowdFunding sites. This is mainly to do with the economic crisis.

However, now there is a swarm of eager "CrowdFundees", all looking for a bit of community driven income to get their projects up and running (Or continuing). The whole process really works off the back of Production Houses anyway, they have a clear view of what projects will travel and what will not - they can sack their decision makers - I guess it works out for everyone. At least it breaks the hierarchy down a bit.

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